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Trumpet Connect - Manchester: a Business, Professional and Social networking event rolled into one - holds on April 26 2017 from 6pm at the Chuck Gallery. more

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Trumpet Connect - Dagenham will feature a number of topics: Securing Finance For Your Business, Real Estate Is Your Smartest Investment, Fit In - To Stand Out, Grooming for Leadership, Staying Ahead In A Competitive Business Environment. more

5 Apr 2017 00:00 Trumpet Connect

There are opportunities to promote your organisation or business or what you do at Trumpet Connect through Sponsorship Opportunities, Speaker Slots, Exhibition Spaces, Powerpoint Display, Advertisement Spaces and the Distribution of your promotional more

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Trumpet Connect is a Business, Social and Professional Networking event rolled into one aiming to increase your net worth by growing your network. more

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Increase your net worth by growing your network. Buy Tickets to attend Trumpet Connect - Dagenham on Wednesday, 12 April 2017. You can also buy Advertisement Vouchers, Donate and Sponsor. more

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