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Lambeth Council is committed to increasing the number of children in the borough who are adopted. Currently, approximately 20 children are adopted annually in the borough. There are approximately 500 children in care in Lambeth, 80% of whom are of m



A young man who arrived alone in England as a 16-year-old asylum speaker unable to speak English has, just a few years later, won a national award for his educational achievements. more

27 Sep 2016 15:45 Adoption & Fostering

The most comprehensive study ever to be carried out into adoption in England has confirmed that the rate of breakdown is lower than anticipated, but it also reveals a stark picture of the problems faced by families. more

10 Apr 2014 00:00 Adoption & Fostering

A leading charity in the United Kingdom is calling on the Government to use the Children and Families Bill to provide homes for young people in care beyond the age of 18. more

10 Jun 2013 00:00 Adoption & Fostering

Lambeth Council launched a radical advertising campaign during National Adoption Awareness Week aimed at doubling the number of children in the borough who are adopted. The campaign involved TV and newspaper adverts along with a documentary more

7 Nov 2012 00:00 Adoption & Fostering