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The British Army personnel present at the mightily impressive Monastery building in Manchester, and delivering a presentation to the wider community, debunked the many myths people perpetuate the Army. Read more

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Movie producer - Roseline Sanni Ajose was in Manchester recently to screen her movie: In A Strange Land. The movie explicitly follows the plight of a young girl tricked into believing there is a better life waiting for her in Europe, only to end up Read more

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The Spread the Joy with Tolly Boy campaign has received a fantastic response, with a great voting response from community groups across the UK. Read more

UK: Trumpet Manchester

It was by chance that artist Titus Agbara captured my attention. An article about him in Signature magazine which my husband read and then brought home, led to an investigation before subsequently contacting him to secure this interview. Read more

UK: Trumpet Manchester

IPARTY CIC is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company run by Mr. Abayomi Obaleye-George with the aim of discouraging youths from all backgrounds, but most especially of African heritage, from engaging in activities that put them in the streets as Read more

UK: Trumpet Manchester