• Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali

    Photo by Blair175 CCA Share Alike 4.0 Int

    Ethiopia shaken by a new and growing rebellion in Amhara

    Two weeks after irregular militia fighters called the Fano seized several towns and cities in Amhara, Ethiopia’s second-biggest region, the barricades have been cleared from the streets and an uneasy calm has been restored by the federal military. Read more

  • Wrecked boats in Obock, Djibouti

    Photo by IOM, Olivia Headon

    Alone and Afraid: Protecting unaccompanied migrant children along the ‘Eastern Route’

    The odds of survival were stacked against seven-year-old Amara* when she was trapped in a sinking boat controlled by smugglers off the coast of Djibouti. Amara was among at least 60 migrants and refugees who were attempting to return from Yemen to Read more

  • Stranded Ethiopian migrants in Yemen

    Ethiopians abused on Gulf migration route

    Ethiopians undertaking the perilous journey by boat across the Red Sea or Gulf of Aden face exploitation and torture in Yemen by a network of trafficking groups, according to Human Rights Watch. They also encounter abusive prison conditions in Saudi Read more

  • Arrival of migrants at the Bole Addis Ababa International Airport

    Ethiopian migrants recall ordeals in Yemen

    After being stranded in Yemen, a group of 280 Ethiopians returned home with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The returnees are among a large group of Ethiopian migrants from Yemen Read more

  • Salia, now 18, tends to animals to provide for herself and her family. Just two years ago, Salia thought she would be a child bride.jpg

    © UNFPA Ethiopia-Abraham Gelaw

    Ethiopian girls learn skills to thrive

    Two years ago, 16-year-old Salia Shemsu waited to be married off. She had just failed the national exam, barring her from pursuing the education she longed for. As the first-born girl in her family, Salia was now consigned to household chores – and Read more

  • Zuriel Oduwole teaches basic filmmaking in Ethiopia

    Zuriel teaches basic filmmaking in Ethiopia

    In the run-up to the showing of her current film - Follow The Ball For Education in Addis Ababa, Zuriel Oduwole took her Basic Film Making 101 Programme to the rural parts of Ethiopia. Read more

  • Uncut girls club members come together to change attitudes about FGM in the community.

    © UNFPA Ethiopia-Meron Negash

    Courageous girls change attitudes about FGM in Ethiopia

    Genet Girma, 31, was a trailblazer in her community. Fifteen years ago, she ran away from home when she learned that her mother planned to have her undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Read more

  • Ethiopia death toll hits 208 from South Sudan attack

    The death toll from last weekend's attack carried out by South Sudanese gunmen in Ethiopia has risen to 208 people. The toll of the wounded has also risen to 75 people while 108 children have been kidnapped, according to an Ethiopian official. Read more

  • IOM helps survivors of last January's boat tragedy in Somalia return home to Ethiopia.

    © IOM - Craig Murphy 2016

    Boat tragedy survivors return home

    In early January a migrant boat left the northern coast of Somalia bound for Yemen. It carried 106 Ethiopian and Somali migrants who had trekked across large swathes of remote land on foot and by truck to reach the point of embarkation. Read more

  • A woman mourns with the framed picture of a man said to be among the 30 Ethiopian victims killed by Daesh militants in Addis Ababa

    Photo: Reuters

    Ethiopia condemns killing of its nationals

    The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has strongly condemned the killing of innocent Ethiopian Christians in Libya, even more so when they were supposedly committed in the name of religion. Read more

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