Nigerian Diaspora

The Fourth Nigerian Direct Diaspora Investment Summit (NDDIS) takes place in London from Thursday 13 July to Saturday 15 July 2017. NDDIS Chairman - Chief Bimbo Roberts Folayan noted that "the Summit focuses on developing the Nigerian government's Read more


Ahead of this year’s Nigeria Diaspora Day, the Federal Government says they will take a different approach in the celebration especially in the area of mentorship and services from the Diaspora. Read more


Nigerians in the Diaspora and Nigerian investors abroad who need a reliable and trustworthy “eye” in Nigeria over their investments or home-coming plans, can turn to Meristem Diaspora Trust, a product from Meristem Trustees Limited. Read more


A web portal which the Founder believes will be "the daily companion for every Nigerian in Diaspora," has been launched. Read more


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