Domestic Servitude

Movie producer - Roseline Sanni Ajose was in Manchester recently to screen her movie: In A Strange Land. The movie explicitly follows the plight of a young girl tricked into believing there is a better life waiting for her in Europe, only to end up Read more

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I see too many domestic slavery victims. People who have been sold a lie and been exploited in their role as ‘house help’ by their ‘employers’. What’s so depressing is it’s a crime most people would never believe still happens in the UK. Victims are Read more


In the UK domestic slavery is a growing concern. This type of exploitation happens when a victim is forced to do work such as cooking, cleaning or looking after children in unacceptable conditions in someone’s home for little or no pay and with Read more


As the campaign to end Modern Day Slavery in the United Kingdom enters top gear, Inspiration Production presents a feature length movie - In A Strange Land. The film premieres in London on Friday June 9 Read more


Domestic Slavery is the third most prevalent form of Modern Slavery, and I encounter victims all too regularly. In 2016, 1 in 10 female Modern Slavery victims who were helped by The Salvation Army were Nigerian. We once provided specialist support Read more


The UK government has launched a new pilot campaign to help tackle modern slavery within the Nigerian community in the UK. It will focus on helping those trapped in domestic slavery, where victims are typically kept against their will, mistreated Read more


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