The Thurrock Africa Group (TAG) - a voluntary organisation, founded in 2003 with the aim of supporting Africans living or working in the Essex borough of Thurrock, holds an Ankara Festival on Friday, 19th October 2018. more


A panel comprising of the Publisher of Trumpet Media - 'Femi Okutubo; Lawyer and Womanist - Ayisat Agbaje; PwC's Chief Economist for Nigeria - Dr Andrew Nevin; and TV News Anchor and Presenter - Sulaiman Aledeh; in a discussion with Mark Eddo, try to more


For the benefit of any outsider who may never have witnessed Nigeria’s general elections, the type that is ahead, I offer in this brief note, a description of what to expect, what is already happening in the context of the character, content and more

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Salia, now 18, tends to animals to provide for herself and her family. Just two years ago, Salia thought she would be a child bride.jpg

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Two years ago, 16-year-old Salia Shemsu waited to be married off. She had just failed the national exam, barring her from pursuing the education she longed for. As the first-born girl in her family, Salia was now consigned to household chores – and more


Next week, China will host leaders from across Africa for a summit in Beijing. The last summit was held in December 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Chinese President Xi Jinping announced $60 billion in funding support for infrastructure more


President Muhammadu Buhari reportedly declared in China, last Sunday, that he believes in the idea of free and fair elections, and that he is committed to this pillar of the democratic process. I don’t expect him to say anything otherwise. more

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The British Army personnel present at the mightily impressive Monastery building in Manchester, and delivering a presentation to the wider community, debunked the many myths people perpetuate the Army. more

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Cheap Direct and Indirect flights from London to Lagos, Abuja, Accra and other African destinations. Baggage Allowance - 2 Pieces more


British Prime Minister - Theresa May and International Trade Minister - George Hollingbery led a 29-strong business delegation on their visit to South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya recently to promote economic ties with Africa. more


- Families of police killing victims renew calls for justice. - Look before you flush the toilet. more

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It is unfortunate that the most important statement made so far at the on-going Annual Conference of the Nigeria Bar Association, an outright derogation of the supremacy of the rule of law, has not yet generated any coherent response from either the more

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The United Kingdom's Home Office has launched a campaign to transform the diversity of Fire and Rescue services - in a bid to make them reflective of the communities they represent. Home Office figures reveal that Fire-fighters in England are more