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I see errors of this kind (as in this photograph) many atimes and fear for the effects of what seems to be the total collapse of Education in Nigeria. Read more

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While the attention of the media and members of the public was, as usual, focused on the ceremonial, not many people knew or cared about the event with the serious economic implications for the 36 States of the federation. Read more

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A 2-way communication initiative to bring governance closer to the people and engender better understanding between government and the governed, has been launched in Ogun State by the State's Ministry of Information and Strategy. Read more


Since I left my comfort-zone, the newsroom, in June 2011 to start operating as a member of the Ogun State Government, I have never been scared or saddened by any development than by the events of March 5, 2013. Despite the fact that the news had been Read more