- Malaria study reveals gene variants linked to risk of disease. - Man jailed for assaulting partner Read more

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Many people of African heritage are protected against malaria by inheriting a particular version of a gene, a large-scale study has shown. Read more


The 2015 Kuwait-sponsored Al-Sumait Health Prize for African Development has been awarded to Britain’s Professor Kevin Marsh of the University of Oxford and African Academy of Sciences, Kenya, for his sustained efforts to control and eradicate Read more


A year after the World Health Assembly resolved to eliminate malaria from at least 35 countries by 2030, WHO has released a World Malaria Day report that shows this goal, although ambitious, is achievable. Read more


The Cameroonian government has been criticised by journalists for the poor handling of a recent malaria outbreak believed to be affecting more than 12,000 people in the northern part of the country. They accused the government of hoarding news about Read more


  • A mosquito after taking a blood meal

  • The SL2 genetic variant may make malaria-infected red blood cells less sticky

  • Prof. Alexandra Rowe