London-based Igbo Cultural Support Network (ICSN) is running an 8-week dance course where one ‘will learn how to do traditional Igbo dances from different Igbo tribes, significantly improve technique and fitness and have a lot of fun in the process.’ more

13 Aug 2013 00:00 Arts 1 Comments

Lagos State Governor - Babatunde Raji Fashola explains his government's position on the alleged deportation of destitutes from Lagos to Anambra State. more

9 Aug 2013 00:00 Lagos

Another 419 practitioner contacted me via my Netlog account today. Like most people, I have become used to getting loads of 419 solicitations through my email. But lately, the 419 boys have invaded my social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) accounts more

26 Jun 2013 13:00 Michael EGBEJUMI-DAVID