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- Escaping child marriage in Sierra Leone. - Tropical Sun hosts African and Caribbean media and promoters. Read more

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“This time, my parents told me they would disown me if I continued to decline the marriage. I was left with no choice,” she said. “I married him.” Read more


When Ugandan schoolgirl Auma got her first period she asked her mother for sanitary pads. Her mother suggested she find herself a husband to pay for them. Auma was just 12. Auma's story is not uncommon. Many girls in Uganda drop out of education Read more


The UK government has launched a new pilot campaign to help tackle modern slavery within the Nigerian community in the UK. It will focus on helping those trapped in domestic slavery, where victims are typically kept against their will, mistreated Read more


Three different incidents in the last week cast, poignantly, in bold relief the plight of the girl-child in Nigeria. Thanks to The Punch newspaper which launched the #FreeEse, #JusticeforEse campaign and the civil society groups that took up the Read more

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France's Defence Ministry says it is investigating child abuse allegations against its troops who were sent to quell sectarian violence and killings in the Central African Republic. Read more

Central African Republic

A conference tagged Leaving It Intact, aimed at eradicating Female Genital Mutilation holds on March 5 in Bradford. Read more


New measures aimed at bringing an end to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the UK have been announced. Read more


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