The recent Change4Life campaign highlighted that children in England are consuming too much sugar – an extra 2,800 sugar cubes per year. That’s equivalent to 312 cans of sugary cola, 469 higher-sugar yoghurts or 562 chocolate bars! Read more


Half of the sugar in our children's diets comes from sugary drinks, sweets, biscuits, cakes, puddings, sugary breakfast cereals and higher-sugar yoghurts and puddings. But it's easy to cut back by swapping from higher- to lower-sugar products. Read more


Public Health England (PHE) has raised the alarm about the fact that children are currently consuming around 2,800 extra sugar cubes per year. Read more


A new Change4Life campaign launched today by Public Health England encourages parents to cut down the amount of sugar their children consume by making one or more simple swaps. Read more


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