Abi Adeboyejo

Most children of African descent living abroad struggle to speak their parents’ mother tongue. However, there are some words that kids understand in any language. Phrases like “behave properly” or “you will get a smack if….” are some of the first more

24 Jul 2014 00:00 Opinion 1 Comments

She explained that a lot of young marriageable girls had taken to dressing up in eye-catching outfits to weddings to attract possible suitors... I couldn’t understand when looking like an overfed Titus/Mackrel fish was the new way to look ‘hot' more

7 Aug 2014 00:00 Opinion 1 Comments

Nigerian men have a reputation with ladies in the UK. Whether it is a good or bad reputation is left for you to decide. It is hard enough trying to convince your average Briton that Nigeria is a lovely country. I’ve found that many Nigerians abroad more

10 Apr 2014 00:00 Opinion 1 Comments