I'II probably would be dead by now were it not for their intervention,' Ms. Asinde said of the staff at the Kakuma Support Centre

© UNFPA Kenya / Douglas Waudo

Dalia Asinde was married 16 years ago in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She was 22 and in love, she said. But her husband soon became violent - and relentless. She lost count of the beatings, insults and torments he delivered. more

31 Dec 2017 00:00 Kenya

Faith (centre) with her friends Sylvia (right) and Vivian, who all ran away from home to avoid female genital mutilation and child marriage.

© UNFPA Kenya/Douglas Waudo

Her father explained that an elder in their village, in Kenya’s Narok County, would marry her and pay a bride price, which would alleviate some of the family’s financial hardship. And the news got worse: Before she could be married off, she would more

9 Sep 2017 00:00 Kenya

Tana women

Picture by Nathan Siegel - IRIN

20 Mar 2017 00:00 Kenya

New research on the impact of get-out-the-vote text messages sent to nearly two million potential Kenyan voters in the lead-up to the nation’s 2013 national elections found that texts have a measurable, if small, positive effect on voter turnout. more

22 Dec 2015 00:00 Kenya

Juliana Rotich

Picture Credit - Team Ushahidi

In 2014, one of the most prestigious global magazines, Fortune, named a young Kenyan woman Juliana Rotich, as one the "50 Greatest Leaders in the World". This was an amazing accolade for anyone, particularly someone who was still only 37 years old. more

21 Jul 2015 00:00 Kenya

Peter Andre travels to Kenya

Picture by: Alan Strutt.

International singer, presenter and animal lover, Peter Andre has made an epic trip to the heartlands of Kenya to raise awareness of the plight of Africa’s endangered lions with wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation. more

7 Jul 2015 00:00 Kenya

Kenyan police force have arrested Governor Issa Timamy of the coastal Lamu district for alleged connection with three recent massacres in which over 60 people were killed. more

26 Jun 2014 00:00 Kenya

A Muslim cleric was at the forefront in the fight against the radicalisation of youths in Kenya has been shot dead in Mombasa. more

10 Jun 2014 00:00 Kenya

Over ten people have been killed while more than 70 remain injured following two explosions in the Gikomba market in Nairobi. more

16 May 2014 14:30 Kenya

Travel agents Thomson and First Choice have cancelled all flights to Mombasa until October. more

16 May 2014 10:30 Kenya

Kenya criticised Britain, the United States, France and Australia today for issuing warnings about travelling to the east African country more

15 May 2014 16:00 Kenya

The High Court in Kenya has issued an arrest warrant for journalist Walter Barasa. more

14 May 2014 12:00 Kenya

Kenya's NTV Investigates takes you through the treacherous journey of fake preachers who use the pulpit to reap millions of shillings from unsuspecting members of their congregations. more

26 Feb 2014 00:00 Kenya

I am delighted to be returning to Kenya to represent the British Government, and very much look forward to joining the 50th anniversary celebrations. I am bringing with me the warmest of wishes from the British people to the people of Kenya, more

13 Dec 2013 00:00 Kenya

As Kenya celebrates 50 years of Independence, President Uhuru Kenyatta has appealed to all Kenyans to unite and cultivate bonds that will see the country rapidly achieve its development goals. more

13 Dec 2013 00:00 Kenya

Kenya's 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations have been marred with reports that a hand grenade was hurled at a vehicle carrying two British tourists in Mombasa. Fortunately, according to police, the grenade failed to explode. more

12 Dec 2013 00:00 Kenya

Our new service allows you to send more than money to friends and loved ones in Kenya from UK. You can also send photos, videos, audio files and messages along with money to them. You are only charged a fee of £1 for every £100 you transfer. more

10 Dec 2013 00:00 Kenya

This new service allows you to send photos, videos, audio files and messages along with money, to your friends and family back home in Kenya from the UK. more

4 Dec 2013 00:00 Kenya

A group of United Nations Special Rapporteurs have urged the Government of Kenya to reject legislation that would impose severe restrictions on civil society. “The Bill is an evidence of a growing trend in Africa and elsewhere, whereby governments more

3 Dec 2013 00:00 Kenya

The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) has launched an urgent appeal for a bone marrow donor to save the life of 24 year old London-based Kenyan - Kevin Kararwa. more

20 Nov 2013 00:00 Kenya