Creating Ijebu State - The practical way forward

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Re: Ijebu State Creation

Thanks Dele Okenla, Your write up Re:Ijebu State Creation is explanatory enough and somewhat educative in terms of Constitutional requirements. I know the creation of Ijebu State is possible if all stakeholders come together in unity.

Kemi Ashiru more than 1 year ago


What state......... a state of poverty? All that is written here is about the constitutional practical terms..............what revenue would it generate........taxes on the already impoverished? To feed the political elite? What does Ogun East have that can sustain the cost of a state executive / legislature and judiciary. And pay professionals - teachers/doctors/nurses etc? I do know that there are lots of educated indigenes please use your head, and not your heart! You don't need a state to develop............ the elected officials you mentioned should instead produce an Ogun East Development Plan. When the area can stand on its own; then you can start to think of a State.

Adegboyega Adebajo more than 1 year ago

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