What happened between Poetry (Ewi) maestro - Emmanuel Kunle Ologundudu and Kayode Fayemi?

As the elections for the Ekiti State Governorship seat hots up, a question on the lips of sons and daughters of Ekiti is: What happened between Yoruba Poetry (Ewi) maestro - Emmanuel Kunle Ologundudu and the incumbent Governor - John Kayode Fayemi? more »

16 Apr 2014 in Ekiti

African Comedy Show on May 9

The African Comedy Show holds on Friday 9th May 2013 at the ElShaddai / Hippodrome Golders Green, London NW11 7RP. more »

14 Apr 2014 in Entertainment

Minutes after Nyanya, Abuja bomb blast (Video) - Viewers' discretion advised

A bomb blast at a crowded bus park in Nyanya on the outskirts of Nigeria's capital, Abuja has left 71 people dead and 124 injured. more »

14 Apr 2014 in FCT (1 Comments)

Scrabble-playing National Conference delegate responds

The Elder Statesman who was pictured at Nigeria's National Conference playing Scrabble on his Laptop has been identified and has responded to the criticisms of the numerous blogs and online media that reported the story and their readers who more »

13 Apr 2014 by in News (3 Comments)

24CT customised luxury iPhone 5 gifts given to guests at President Jonathan's daughter's wedding

Guests at the wedding of the adopted daughter of Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan were given gifts of 24ct Gold customised iPhone 5 handsets. more »

12 Apr 2014 in News (1 Comments)

Nominations open for Nigerian Centenary Awards UK

The search has began for 100 outstanding UK-based Nigerian Diasporans over the 100 years. more »

11 Apr 2014 in Events

Report highlights problems faced by Adoptive parents

The most comprehensive study ever to be carried out into adoption in England has confirmed that the rate of breakdown is lower than anticipated, but it also reveals a stark picture of the problems faced by families. more »

10 Apr 2014 in Adoption & Fostering

Why can’t Nigerian men say no?

Nigerian men have a reputation with ladies in the UK. Whether it is a good or bad reputation is left for you to decide. It is hard enough trying to convince your average Briton that Nigeria is a lovely country. I’ve found that many Nigerians abroad more »

10 Apr 2014 by in Opinion (1 Comments)

Extradited UK businessman accused of murdering wife appears in SA court

A United Kingdom based businessman - Shrien Dewani charged with kidnapping, murder, robbery and obstructing the course of justice, has made a brief appearance before a South African court. more »

10 Apr 2014 in South Africa

Fayose and the PDP: Pounding the wrong yam?

I first encountered Ayo Fayose quite a few years ago through a mutual restaurateur friend in South London. I think the man was known as Oluwayose back then, and I think he worked mostly as a cab driver around town. But even then, there was a more »

10 Apr 2014 by in Michael EGBEJUMI-DAVID (2 Comments)

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