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28 Jan 2016 17:30 World

Amadu Kanumansa named All People’s Party’s candidate for Faraday by-election

Southwark businessman Amadu Kanumansa, will be contesting the Faraday by-election on the platform of the All Peoples Party (APP) on 21 January 2016, fighting on a platform of equality at the top in the area. more »

18 Jan 2016 00:00 News

A visit to FRSC

One of the things I have had to do in recent times was to renew my driver’s licence. This took me to the headquarters of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Abuja. The procedure requires the applicant’s presence: forms to be filled, fees to be more »

18 Jan 2016 00:00 Reuben ABATI

Jan. 15: Where we came from

Government conveniently ignores the fact that January 15 is also the date of the first coup d'état in our country. It is 50 years today since that incident. And it is most unlikely that the Federal Government will devote much attention to more »

15 Jan 2016 09:52 Reuben ABATI

Are you suffering?

Are you suffering from any of the following problems?: more »

15 Jan 2016 00:00 The Trumpet

Home ownership: A very British problem…

Having a well-functioning housing market is not only important for the economy, it also has wider socio-political benefits. This is why economists and policymakers convulse when any housing issue is turning into a crisis. more »

15 Jan 2016 00:00 Property

The corruption and evil of employment scams in Nigeria

Female applicants are even more vulnerable as they sometimes have to succumb to sexual demands in order to secure employment. Shame on all those degenerate old men! more »

11 Jan 2016 00:00 Akintokunbo A ADEJUMO

Do you speak French?

I was on my way back from Botswana, after attending a conference organized by the Africa Leadership Forum (ALF). This was sometime in the 90s, on that same trip was Professor Tekena Tamuno, the eminent historian of blessed memory. We boarded more »

10 Jan 2016 00:00 Reuben ABATI

Davido, Baby Mamas and other stories

Well, I think the Momodus and the Adelekes should just spare us. They should not forget there is a child involved. They have suddenly made Imade Adeleke, the most famous victim of Baby Mama-Baby Papa palaver in Nigeria. Both Davido and Sophia and more »

8 Jan 2016 00:00 Reuben ABATI

Buhari: Not much has changed

If Buhari can say this in public in a nationwide televised media event, imagine what kind of instructions he is dishing out to the Department of State Security (DSS) and other government officials in private. more »

6 Jan 2016 00:00 Michael EGBEJUMI-DAVID

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